How to save a photo from Instagram

On this page you can save your photo from Instagram in high quality for free. With the exception of a closed (private) profile - they will not be able to save.

To save, just insert a link to your photo in Instagram in the field above.

The link should look like

After that click on the "Save" button and a window will open where you can save a photo to your device: phone or computer.

Frequent questions about service

What can I save with this service?

You can save photos of any nonprivate Instagram user to your computer in the best quality for free and without registration. Unfortunately, it is impossible for private users to do this.

What devices does this service work on?

The service works like any website in any modern browser on computers, tablets and smartphones. You do not need to install any programs or applications.

Can I save photos from someone else's account?

Yes, if the requested account is not private (closed), you can save posts from it in good quality. But do not forget about copyright!

How much does it cost to use the web service?

The service is absolutely free. You can use it at any time without restrictions.

Can I reuse saved user photos?

Saving photos from Instagram is recommended for evaluation purposes only, or to save your own photos. We do not recommend you to use saved photos for your own purposes, as the rights to the materials belong to their authors.

What format are the photos saved in?

Photos are saved in JPEG format in high quality. You can open this format on any computer or smartphone.

How to view saved photos?

You can open the saved file in any photo viewer. They are installed by default on any computer or smartphone. There is no problem with that.

Want to test it FOR FREE?

You can study the work of anonymous Instagram and its reports on the example of a real profile. You don't even need registration for this!

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