How to download Stories in Instagram

On this page you can free download Stories in Instagram in high quality. Except for the closed (private) profile - they will not be able to download.

To download, just enter your Instagram username (nickname) in the field above.

For example, user's nickname is zendaya.

To download, click on the "Download" button and a window will open in which you can select and save the stories for your device: phone or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you download with this downloader?

You can download the latest stories of any non-private Instagram user to your computer in the best quality for free and without registration. Unfortunately, it is not possible for private users.

What devices does this downloader work on?

The uploader works like any website in any modern browser on computers, tablets and smartphones. You do not need to install any programs or applications.

Can I download Stories from someone else's account?

Yes, if the requested account is not private (closed), you can download the latest available Stories in good quality from it.

How much does it cost to use the web service?

The downloader is completely free. You can use it at any time without any restrictions.

Can I reuse downloaded User Stories?

We recommend that you download Instagram Stories for informational purposes only. We do not recommend that you use the downloaded Stories for your own purposes, as the rights to the downloaded material belong to their authors.

In what format do you download stories ?

Photo stories are downloaded in JPEG format in high quality. Video stories are downloaded in MP4 format in high quality. All of these formats can be opened on any computer or smartphone.

How do I view a downloaded story?

You can open the downloaded file in any photo or video viewer. They are installed by default on any computer or smartphone. You won't have any problems with it.

Want to test it FOR FREE?

You can study the work of anonymous Instagram and its reports on the example of a real account. You don't even need registration for this!

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Our development team

  • Udelia Anderson - Founder
    Udelia Anderson

    The founder and the inspiration behind Anonymous Instagram! The idea for the project came to me when I needed to watch stories while traveling and didn't have access to the app. Now you can watch the stories even without the app!

  • Franco Kelly - Backend Developer
    Franco Kelly
    Backend Developer

    Clever and talented server developer. Thanks to whom we can watch Instagram without registration and absolutely anonymously!

  • Fiorella Johnson -
    Fiorella Johnson
    UI Designer

    Talented UI designer! She was able to design a user-friendly interface for viewing stories anonymously from any device - smartphone, tablet or computer

User reviews

  • With the Anonymous Instagram, I can view the profiles of my business competitors without fear that they will see my account in the statistics.

    Usman Powell
  • I love watching the stories in the profiles of different photomodels on IG. So many beautiful and interesting things. But I think about my safety and anonymity. So I prefer to use the online anonymous Instagram.

    Miguel Miller
    Taxi Driver
  • I'm not registered on Instagram, but watching the Instagram of different Hollywood stars is sometimes very interesting! Thanks to Instagram Story Viewer I can watch stories anonymously and without an account! Not even installing any app! Thank you!

    Willa Allen
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