What is Instagram Story Viewer

Storistalker.com allows you to anonymously watch Insta Stories, monitor all changes in the profile, new subscriptions, comments, likes and posts of public profiles. We will show you even deleted posts and user stories, if before deleting you added an account to our service to save data. You will see extended information in the form of daily reports about all interesting changes you account, collected from publicly available public data.

IG Story Viewer

Free IG story viewer with photo and video upload functionality. You don't need to register with IG to view stories.

Insta Stories Online

Insta Stories Viewer does not require you to install any programs or apps. Works online and can be accessed from any device: Android or iPhone smartphone, tablet or computer.

Instagram Anonymous

Watch Instagram Anonymously without registering and without logging in to your account. It's 100% safe and free, we don't store any data.

Stalker Instagram

Use Instagram Stalker to save deleted stories, photos and videos from any open Instagram profile and view them anytime. Or download them to your device.

Insta Viewer

With Insta Viewer you can view any non-private Instagram profiles. All stories, photos and video posts are available without registration.

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer allows you to watch stories without registering and logging into your profile, without the fear of auto storis seeing you in the stats. We use a technique to anonymize story viewers and do not save any data.


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    Viewer anonymously is completely free and does not require registration

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    Insta Stalker will allow you to view public profiles and Stories anonymously. No one will know that you have viewed someone. Instagram account registration is not required.

  • ⚙️


    Anonymous Instagram Viewer will allow you to fully view any public profile, even deleted information - for example, a story or a photo. To do this, you must first enable profile monitoring.


The Story Viewer collects and stores all account information, even if they are later deleted. Now you can even view deleted stories anonymously!

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    Save, Download and View Insta Stories!

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    Viewer and Downloader deleted posts, photos and videos

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    View deleted comments of an user

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    Find out who the person likes

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    Find out who retired from subscribers and who the person subscribed

Do you want to watch Stories anonymously, but don't want to register for it? Or just want to browse Instagram anonymously? Perhaps you need to know who the person on IG is liking? The anonymous Instagram Stories viewer will help you view any open profiles without having to register. You can watch and download any photos and videos from Instagram in high quality.

User reviews

  • I'm not registered on Instagram, but watching the insta stories of different Hollywood stars is sometimes very interesting! Thanks to Instagram Story Viewer I can watch stories anonymously and without an account! Not even installing any app! Thank you!

    Willa Allen
  • I love watching the stories in the profiles of different photomodels on IG. So many beautiful and interesting things. But I think about my safety and anonymity. So I prefer to use the online anonymous Insta Stories Viewer.

    Miguel Miller
    Taxi Driver
  • With the Anonymous Insta Stories, I can view the profiles of my business competitors without fear that they will see my account in the statistics.

    Usman Powell

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a lot of questions about how our Insta Stalker for Instagram works. We've tried to answer the most common ones. If you can't find an answer, email us at [email protected] -- we'll be sure to help!

Do you need my username and/or password?

No, we don't. Everything is done on our end, we only need the names of the users you want to view anonymously. You can view all public posts, photos and videos without registering.

Can a user know what their Instagram Story Viewer have been viewed?

Absolutely not, there is no connection between you and the users you are viewing. The profile user will not see that you watched their stories. All views are completely anonymous!

Can I watch private profile posts?

Unfortunately, no. You can only watch Instagram posts, photos and videos of non-private profiles. We respect your privacy, you can't watch private posts.

How much does Insta Stories Viewer cost?

Anonymous Viewer will forever be free, anonymous and requires no registration. No payment or payment information is required to use IG Stories.

If I have Instagram blocked, can I view through Stories Viewer?

Yes, you can watch stories and posts even if you have access to the site or app blocked. You don't need a VPN or other programs to do this. We pass all requests to Insta through ourselves and make them anonymous.

What devices does the Anonymous Insta Story Viewer work on?

The Viewer works in a browser and is available on any device with internet. You can anonymously watch Stories from your Android or iPhone phone or smartphone, Windows, Linux or MacOS computer. No third-party software or app installation is required.

Can I download stories, photos or videos from Instagram profile?

Yes, you can download content and save it to your device: smartphone or computer.

When can I use photos and videos downloaded from Instagram?

All downloaded stories, photos and videos from profiles belong to their authors. You cannot use them at your discretion due to copyright infringement.

Our development team

  • Udelia Anderson - Founder
    Udelia Anderson

    The founder and the inspiration behind Anonymous Insta Story Viewer! The idea for the project came to me when I needed to watch stories while traveling and didn't have access to the app. Now you can watch the stories even without the app!

  • Franco Kelly - Backend Developer
    Franco Kelly
    Backend Developer

    Clever and talented server developer. Thanks to whom we can watch stories without registration and absolutely anonymously!

  • Fiorella Johnson - UI Designer
    Fiorella Johnson
    UI Designer

    Talented UI designer! She was able to design a user-friendly interface for viewing stories anonymously from any device - smartphone, tablet or computer

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